Romantic things to say to your girlfriend

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Published: 15th November 2010
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Girls really do love a compliment. They will say things like "Oh, I don't want to be complimented it doesn't bother me" but that's really a shield most of the time. Some guys do compliment too often and are lying just to get somewhere. Do not be that guy, you are better than that!

Be the guy that knows romantic things to say to your girlfriend but only use them when they feel right. If there is anything inside of you that is trying to get something out of your girlfriend then it will be tremendously difficult for that not to come across. Statistics state that most of what you communicate is how rather than what you say but there are still patterns of things that are great romantic things to say to your girlfriend.

When you see her, notice something unique about her appearance. If she is wearing a new coat or has made effort with her hair tell her straight away. It shows that you are observant, that you care and that you're man enough to tell her how you feel.

Show a little vulnerability every so often in what you say. Girls love that. It's the whole modern metro-sexual man thing that's so prevalent in the media nowadays. Don't break down in public all the time. It' sometimes worth keeping a stiff upper lip. Why would you want to be with someone who can't accept you for who you are anyway?

An example could be a little joke that shows you are vulnerable but you're not saying it so directly. It's difficult to explain but examples are better. You could say "I miss you like a hole in the head when you're not here. Actually, would I miss a hole in the head, I'm not sure?". If you get a dig in the arm and a cheeky smile then you know you have done well.

Another example could be that you could tell them how your life has changed from before you met her to now. Don't talk about the future too much at the start because this can make the girl feel boxed in and is not romantic. If you really love the girl this will be easy. Just let the emotion come out of you and she'll feel it and it will touch her beyond words.

Above all, just make sure that you don't betray yourself. It's so easy when you get a new girlfriend to think of tonnes of romantic things to say and they go against what you believe. The old wisdom is true that you should never change yourself to impress someone of the opposite sex unless you think that it's an area you could improve upon.

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